Things to Do in Fort Collins

Things to Do in Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins is a beautiful city in northern Colorado. It is the gateway to Colorado National Monument and hosts a summer fiesta with live entertainment at the end of the parkway. The Old Town neighborhood has old homes, with architecture ranging from Colonial to modern. West of the town, hiking and biking trails criss-cross Horsetooth Mountain, containing an observation deck, vintage trolley museum, and a science and nature exhibit.

Things to do in fort collins colorado

Fort Collins, CO is home to a popular annual fiesta. The Fiesta Blast is celebrated on the second weekend in June and attracts hundreds of visitors. At this outdoor event kids and adults get to go at their own pace, and it’s a great way to learn about the history of the town. Music and workshops on food and agriculture fill the day. The kids line up to eat cake and dig into fun-filled activities like riding hot air balloons. Adults enjoy a parade, fireworks, and lots of food and refreshments.

Nature lovers can see the surrounding area and the Continental Divide with a bike ride. Trail rides are available through May, and in June. Other biking adventures include the Trailless Mountain bicycle tour, west to northwest cycling on trails, or the west to east route on a bicycle. Bicyclists can view Pikes Past, an interpretive trail that offers insight into the culture of the indigenous peoples who once roamed here. Or experience elk hunting on Fort W.

West of Fort Worth lies the Greenbelt, which is a nature preserve. Bird watchers and equestrians will enjoy the trails and scenic views here. It is part of the Fort Bowie National Forest. If you love your water, boat tours are available. Guided tours are available for weddings, groups, families, and business events.

Art lovers have plenty of activities to choose from. Fort W. is home to a number of art galleries. One is the Contemporary Art Gallery, which showcases contemporary art in Fort Worth. Another gallery is the Hodge House gallery which features local, national, and international contemporary artists. You can see some of your favorite paintings here.

The third main attraction to see in Fort Worth is the Science and Space Museum. This four-sided structure is built around 1820’s train. It is dedicated to presenting the benefits of rail travel to the public. Tourists often visit this attraction before or after visiting the Fort Worth attractions.



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